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When a large cavity goes untreated, the decay will gradually spread in the tooth. This can eventually compromise the structure of the tooth and cause a severe fracture or an infected root.

In a case like this, it might be possible for Dr. Allen Daniels to treat the tooth with a root canal. If the tooth was severely compromised or an abscess has formed in the gums, the doctor might recommend extracting the tooth. After your gums have healed, he can then start the process of a dental bridge restoration.

A bridge mimics the appearance of a natural tooth. It will include open crowns on each end. The dental bridge will eventually be cemented onto abutments formed out of the core of the two neighboring teeth.

A bridge is created in a professional dental lab. When it’s ready you will need to return to Dr. Daniels’ office for a brief follow up appointment. Once it has been cemented in place, the bridge will effectively replace the missing tooth in your mouth for many years to come.

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