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The best way to enhance your smile is to repair any damage that has occurred due to the use of a tooth restoration. Your dentist will be able to craft for you a better smile that is not only more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also healthier for future protection. In many cases, restorations are your last line of defense for ensuring damaged teeth are not extracted.

If you have a severely week or broken tooth that needs a complete cap, dental crown prosthetics can be used. A dental crown fits nicely over the top of a tooth and can provide not only additional durability by can help restore the look of the tooth as well.

If you have suffered severe dental erosion to the point that a cavity has arisen, a dental filling will be needed. One of the most popular forms of dental fillings is a tooth-colored filling, also known as a composite filling.

If you are looking to only cover up the fronts of teeth and naturally improve the look of your smile, dental veneers are an excellent cosmetic upgrade. They provide a shell which is attached directly to the fronts of teeth to provide the look you desire.

If you are only suffering minor surface stains and discolorations, teeth whitening treatment systems are popular choices. You can purchase them at your local store or visit your dentist for a professional tooth whitening treatment.

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