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You probably know that there are some foods that are bad for your teeth. Growing up, you were likely warned not to eat too many sweets or your teeth would rot, or to drink lots of milk for strong bones. But did you know that some foods are good for your dental health?

While it is true that milk can help you to have strong bones, dairy products can do so much more for your body. For example, cheese can help you fight off cavities by lowering the acid levels in your mouth and stimulating your saliva production. Saliva helps to naturally clean your mouth of food particles. Sugar-free gum and candy can produce similar results with your saliva production.

Almonds can be a great source of calcium and protein. Other nuts and seeds could also be beneficial like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cashews, pecans and walnuts. Any of these could be enjoyed on their own or can be mixed in with a salad or other meal and snack options.

Fruits and vegetables should also make the list of foods that can make your mouth healthier. Many of them, like apples, carrots, celery etc., also promote saliva production in your mouth as well as their other beneficial qualities. For instance, leafy greens like kale are rich in calcium which can help strengthen your teeth’s enamel.

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