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Swelling, or inflammation, is a normal reaction of the body to an injury of some kind. It is your body’s attempt to heal and can occur anywhere on or in your body, including your mouth. Typically, swelling goes down after a few days, but if your body is unable to heal by itself and return to normal, there may be additional problems causing chronic inflammation. If this is the case, come in to see us for an evaluation right away.

When your mouth becomes inflamed, a common cause can be from a burn to the palate from a hot beverage or food. You may discover that the area of the burn is swollen, white, and is bothersome. This is normal and typically goes away in a few days. Chronic inflammation that doesn’t go away is most commonly caused by periodontal (gum) disease. This type is the body fighting the infection from bacteria that is attacking the gums. Without treatment, this kind may lead to serious damage to the tissue structures that support the teeth, leading to tooth loss.

Another cause of mouth inflammation is an allergic reaction to something like food, mouthwash, toothpaste, or the infection itself. There are those cases where other diseases, illness, or the medications and treatment taken to treat them have side-effects that cause inflammation of the mouth. This occurs frequently in older patients.

Treatment of mouth inflammation is dependent upon multiple factors. The seriousness of the inflammation is the first aspect to consider. Is it severe enough to hamper your normal activities such as eating, speaking, or breathing? Certainly, if it is causing that much difficulty you should see your dentist immediately whenever something is interfering with your normal functions. If it is not, the problem will most likely heal by itself within a few days. Encourage healing by cleaning the area affected. If the issue is not resolved within a week, or if it seems to be getting worse, contact us so that we can determine what to do next.

If you have chronic mouth inflammation, call Dr. Allen Daniels and our helpful team at Bright Dental. Phone: 812-656-8888, or come by our office in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.