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Did you get dentures recently? Are you now experiencing some difficulties that you may not have been anticipating? Today we would like to help you with some common issues that you could run into while you are getting used to your new teeth.

Problems Eating
It can take some practice before eating may feel natural again with dentures. They might slip a little when you’re chewing, or foods like seeds could get stuck under them and cause discomfort.

In the beginning, you could practice by eating foods that are easily chewed. You can cut them into smaller pieces to make chewing easier, and your dentures might be more stable if you chew on both sides at the same time. After some practice, you can become more confident in your chewing ability, and you might be able to enjoy the same foods that you did before.

Difficulty Speaking
Your dentures may seem foreign to you at first, and they might interfere with your speech. Trying to move your tongue around them to form familiar sounds could be challenging initially. Practicing, however, can get you back to speaking normally fairly quickly.

One way you can accomplish this may be to practice speaking in private or with a close friend. Alternatively, you might read aloud from your favorite book, or you could sing along to some of your favorite songs. Doing these could help you become more comfortable speaking with your new teeth.

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